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The speaker is a 30-year-old White man with a high school education from Seabrook, New Hampshire; he was recorded in 1969.

County: Rockingham
State: NH

Seabrook is located at the southern end of the coast of New Hampshire, less than forty miles from Boston. First settled in 1638 and named for the many brooks that lead to the Atlantic Ocean, it became a farming and fishing community. Today it is densely populated, with nearly 8,700 people living within the town???s nine square miles. In the first census of 1790, the area had 715 residents. Seabrook???s tourist attractions include lakes for fishing, beaches, and Grape Hill, a small mountain. In this segment the speaker discusses his hobby, building and racing stock cars.
Inf: Uh, yes, there???s stock car racing. And the stock car races, we buy a cheap car at the junkyard, preferably a cheap car, but you know, fifteen dollars or something like that and, uh, and do, and you, uh, take it to the s-, uh drag c-, t-, strip and you cut it down, lower it, and block it.

FW: You wanna describe blocking again?

Inf: Uh, blocking you c-, you get railroad ties and you make like a A-frame on the bottom of your car. This prevents the car from rolling over on the turns. See, on the left-hand side the, uh, front wheel is usually larger than the rest [FW: Mm-hmm]. Just g-, makes it turn better and easier on the turns. Now some people in stock car racing have both the rear tire and the right-, and the front tire, uh, larger. But this, I found myself, it causes, uh, friction [FW: Mm-hmm]. And it causes a bumpier ride. And you have to slow down going on the curves, with-, whereas with the one tire, you, uh, can pick up speed going into the, uh, turns.

FW: What does it feel like to, to drive on a, on a s-, on a track?

Inf: Well, it???s a new experience altogether. Well, you know how you felt when you first got your driver???s license. It???s uh, well, it???s like something new altogether. There???s no, there???s no, uh, speed limits, nobody to tell you how fast you can drive [FW: Uh-huh]. And it???s, it???s-, all I can say is it???s a new experience.

FW: Mm. Um, could you tell me, uh, have you ever had any accidents or unusual, or seen any unusual experiences?

Inf: Uh, yes. I was involved in a three-car crack-up. Uh, there was myself, uh, I, didn???t g-, uh, get too many uh injuries out of it. I got a few bumps and bruises. And uh, one guy got a broken leg. Another guy got a broken hip. And, uh, one guy had a passenger in the car with him, which is not supposed to be. Not supposed to, uh, do, but it, uh, got by and he, uh, got just about every bone in his body.

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