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The speaker is a 75-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Viper, Kentucky; she was recorded in 1969.

County: Perry
State: KY

Viper is a small, unincorporated eastern Kentucky town in Perry County. In this segment the speaker talks about quilting, an activity that has a long tradition in the state and is known for its community-building attributes. Now regarded as a rural community arts movement, the quilting tradition has recently been embraced by the Kentucky Arts Council with the Kentucky Quilt Trails project.
FW: How do you make your, your lovely quilts?

Inf: Well, there???s different, uh, types of quilts. Some of them we make just from scraps from our sewing that we just piece. Uh, we have to obtain a pattern and uh, whatever pattern we want, if it???s a star quilt we just take different scraps and make these stars and just sew them together, and then put the blocks together. And others are a type of, uh, patchwork that we, uh, use a pattern and we take uh, our scraps that might be just from our, our scrap bags, or we might wish to, uh, have a certain colors that we would have to buy them, uh small pieces of material to get these scraps to cut for our pattern. And, uh, then we put it onto a block of whatever pastel colors, or white or whatever we want, by stitching it in a way that we try to not let our thread show when it???s stitched on.

And, uh, after we get that done, if we want our blocks put together, just some of them go together just by the blocks. Some have a narrow strip of a material between the blocks of a different color. And uh, we put that together, and then we, uh, get our, we call it our lining for our quilt, and that???s the bottom part of the quilt, will be of some solid material. If we have our quilt blocks on some pastel color, we???d like a lining, or the bottom piece, of that same color of material.

And uh, we put a well, wooden frames up in different ways. Some hang the wall, from the ceiling, some are on, uh, horses or whatever we call ???em that we sit ???em on the floor. And uh, then we spread out as big as our quilt, this frame and tack our bottom to it, and then we put on top of that whatever type of, uh, padding we want. We might put just plain cotton, or nowadays we???re beginning to use Dacron, which is a much, uh, nicer, we think, padding for ???em, because it shows the designs in the quilt or the designs in your quilting-, uh, so much better. And we put that on. Then we spread our top that we???ve pieced or patched, uh, the, on, on that, and pin or sew it around the edges real, uh, straight as we can get it, real well. And then, if we???re going to have it hang from the ceiling, we leave it like that. If not, we have to roll it up to a narrow piece, and we put it on a frame that???s sitting on the floor.

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