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The speaker is a 59-year-old White woman with a high school education from Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Northumberland
State: PA

Like many other towns in the northeastern and north central areas of Pennsylvania, Mt. Carmel is known for coal mining. Originally part of the Coal Township, the town was established in the mid-1800s. The coal region???s influence on its residents is evident in the speaker???s comparison of descending crooked stairs to ???going down in the mines.??? The speaker talks about a trip to Chicago and the experiences she and her husband had there.
Inf: We were out in Chicago at a, a Elks Convention. So, um, they were all ordering steaks, ten dollars. So I thought, phooey, I couldn???t eat it all. So I, I ordered fresh fruit platter. Gee, it had everything from soup to nuts in it [FW: Hmm]. Strimp-, uh, strawberries, and uh, all of the fruit, nectarines and, uh, it was three and a half. But I thought, that???s better than wasting a steak [FW: Yeah, that???s right].

But it was a real plush place, you know, the-, they had one of those um, had a, a waiter and then uh, they had a, um, oh, in the movies you see them with the green satin tunic and the fed-, fez hats. Turban? What do you call those? _____, remember that nightclub in Chicago? _____? [Aux Inf: Yeah?] Where the colored boy come out in that satin outfit, the white turban and a jewel?

Aux Inf: Wasn???t that out west or east?

Inf: Yeah [Aux Inf: One of the???]. No, that was in, at, the expensive nightclub.

Aux Inf: Yeah, well that???s the one, was the hotel, east or west, I???ve forgotten what the???

Inf: And uh, oh, he had the white satins, what???

FW: What was he supposed to be, a maharaja or something?

Inf: Well, it was something like that. Then we went to see (xx). You had to get a-, make a reservation.

Aux Inf: Yeah, well, my wife embarrassed me by ordering beer. [Laughter] They didn???t know what she was asking for. [Laughter]

Inf: I don???t like fancy drinks, only whiskey sours, and I thought, well, I know what beer tastes. Yep, a dollar a bottle out there [FW: Yeah, oh, at least, yeah]. [Inf: cough] Embarrassed him [FW: Beer]. It???s a little country coming out of me. [Laughter] But, I enjoyed it. But we spent more money taking taxis to get (eats) [FW: Sure].

Then we went on tours, you know. Uh, a group of us, and they took us to all these uh, nightclubs like the Blue Angels and then the Catacombs. God, I thought I was going down in the mines. Crooked stairs and uh, you weren???t (caught) in an elevator or it rattled. And it didn???t move at all. All it did was it-, go sideways. Then we got out like a (damn fools) and start laughing. And then, and then when you get out the other end, it was a gorgeous nightclub [FW: Oh]. But when you were going in, you???d think you were going in, in the Catacombs, you know. And I thought, ???Ooh, this is crummy-looking.??? So then we kept walking and then they said, ???We???ll take you down that shaft.??? And I said, ???Oh, this is gonna fall to pieces before we get out.??? And then we came out and you had, you had to go, well, down a turn, and you finally came out to this gorgeous uh, uh garden out, uh k-, fake garden. It was good.

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