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The speaker is a 55-year-old White man with a grade school education from Cale, Arkansas; he was recorded in 1967.

County: Nevada
State: AR

Historically, timber has been one of Arkansas???s most important and profitable industries. A Federal interest in conserving the state???s virgin timber led President Teddy Roosevelt to establish the Arkansas (later renamed Ouachita) National Forest in 1907 and the Ozark National Forest in 1908, protecting over two million acres from the clear-cutting practices of the railroad industry. These two national forests still serve as sustainable sources of wood, as well as prime recreation areas. In this segment the speaker talks about lumbering practices.
Inf: In forty-one, I went to contracting log haulers for myself. We cut ???em with crosscut saws, two men to a saw. Today, we cut ???em with power saws, use skidders, tractors, loaders, and they unload ???em at the sawmills. [unintelligible background conversation]

FW: Well, uh, what, uh, what kinda logs do you normally cut for, uh, pulpwood? You can go ahead and sit in the chair, you don???t have to.

Inf: Well, I don???t cut pulpwood [FW: You don???t]. I don???t cut, but [FW: What would be] pine, it???d be pine.

FW: Pine. What, uh, what do they normally, uh, what length do they cut pulpwood in, the people who do cut it?

Inf: Five foot two.

FW: Five-two. And they call a piece of pulpwood that long?

Inf: Call it a billet here.

FW: Billet. And uh, all, how big a log is normally used for pulpwood?

Inf: Oh, from four to about fourteen, sixteen inches through.

FW: I see. They have to be four inches, though. That???s the minimum?

Inf: About four inches at the top.

FW: And, uh, how big does a log have to be in order to be sent to the mill?

Inf: (Aw), from nine inches [FW: I mean the sawmill, yeah]. About nine inches on up, big as you can get.

FW: Yeah. Oh. What, let???s see. You mentioned crosscut saw. Were there any other tools that you used in logging besides the crosscut saw?

Inf: Well, we used chop-axes and we did our loading with mules up until the last two or three years.

FW: What kind of a hitch or chain or whatever you call it did you use to hitch on the logs with from the harness (xx)?

Inf: Well, we used stretchers and grabs.

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