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The speaker is a 30-year-old White woman with a high school education from Snowflake, Arizona; she was recorded in 1967.

County: Navajo
State: AZ

Snowflake was named after its two founders, Erastus Snow and William J. Flake, who were sent to Arizona by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to settle Mormon colonies. In 1878 Flake purchased land on Silver Creek from a local cattle rancher. Shortly thereafter, practitioners of the religion began to arrive, creating a thriving community of Mormons. In this segment the speaker mentions the Hill Cumorah Pageant, an annual production depicting Joseph Smith???s discovery of the plates from which he would translate the Book of Mormon.
Inf: The Book of Mormon tablets? [FW: Yeah.] Well, every year they have this, uh, pageant in New York that tells about this and, uh, Joseph Smith as a boy. He had gone to different churches, to, oh, Presbyterian, different ones like that, and Methodist, but he was troubled. He just didn-, he had read in the Bible a lot, and they, I guess, were quite a religious family, and some of his brothers and sisters had joined other churches, and he hadn???t joined any church. But he had read in the Bible a lot, and he came across the part in James where it says, ???If any of you lack a wisdom, let him ask of God,??? and so he went out and prayed about this in the forest, and he said that something overpowered him, overcame him, and, and he claims that he saw the Father and the Son, that they came to him, and that God actually said, ???This is my beloved son, hear ye him,??? and they were told that, that, uh, he would be shown where these plates were in this, they call it the Hill Cumorah, in New York, and that he would, uh, when he became a certain age, that the time wasn???t yet come, but when he became a certain age, that he would be shown where these plates were, and that he would be given the power to translate them.

And he, he wasn???t a learned boy at all [pronc: a-tall], and so he, when he found, then this angel appeared to him in the field and, and told him where the plates were, but he wasn???t at that time to take them, and he told his father about it, and he went up, and the angel showed him where these plates were. And, but he couldn???t take them at this time, and then a few years later, the same angel appeared to him and told him where the plates were and how to get them, and he got them and was able to translate them, and this is where the Book of Mormon came from. And he was???

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