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The speaker is a 71-year-old White woman with a college education from Fillmore, Utah; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Millard
State: UT

Fillmore was the first capital of the Utah Territory and remains the county seat of Millard County. Founded in 1851 on a site chosen by Governor Brigham Young, the city was named for then-President Millard Fillmore. The area offered plenty of land for growing and grazing, and dry farming and cattle ranching are still mainstays of the local economy. In this segment the speaker talks about her experience teaching in the neighboring town of Kanosh, another small farming community.
Inf: The next winter I went with my husband to Kanosh, and we both taught there. I had, uh, the fourth and fifth grades, and he had the sixth and seventh. And, uh, in my room I had fifty-three students. In his room???

FW: All in one room?

Inf: In one room. We were packed in [FW: Uh-huh]. You couldn???t go around the room. We didn???t play skip tag, or anything else in that room. We, uh, had a little activity upstairs we could have. But, uh, my husband and I went back and forth, too [FW: Mm-hmm]. I taught the language arts, and he the math and geography and so on. FW: So you two served the whole, the entire school.
>Inf: The entire four grades.

FW: Oh, the four grades.

Inf: Yes [FW: Mm]. Uh, our principal was upstairs with the eighth grade. He had thirteen students [FW: Oh]. Looked a little unfair, and [Laughter] so on, but, uh, we got along and, uh, because these students hadn???t had school the winter before, they were a year more mature, and we really had good school. They, they weren???t for fooling around. They wanted everything that we could give them. And uh, so I called it a very pleasant year, and uh, a worthwhile year, and they did. I got along wonderfully well with the, the kids. And uh, the last week I had all my, uh, tests as we gave at that time done and, uh, had given them and had checked their papers and had everything all finished, even my, uh, certificates made out. And uh, I had promised them, if we worked hard and finished up our work early, then I would read the book of Tom Sawyer for them [FW: Huh] those last two or three days. Well, Thursday, by Thursday morning, the day before school would be out, I was, uh, very uncomfortable before I went to school. But I stayed with it until the morning recess and my husband came in to see how I was feeling by then, and I told him I, uh, didn???t feel a bit good. I felt like I better go home. So, he told the principal, and I did go home, and my baby boy was born the next morning, uh, premature by six weeks.

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