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The speaker is a 90-year-old White woman with a high school education from Mercer, Pennsylvania; she was recorded in 1969.

County: Mercer
State: PA

Mercer, settled in 1803, was at one time a flourishing merchandising center known nationally for its horse mart, as well an agricultural area renowned for potato production. The development and growth of Pittsburgh and its surrounding cities, however, halted further expansion of the town, which has a present-day population of about 2,000. In this segment the speaker talks about being a teacher and one of her hobbies, sewing.
Inf: Then my last year of teaching was the ninth grade. That was the last grammar grade [FW: Mm-hmm]. Then I got married the next fall.

FW: Where-, did you have a specialty, in terms of subjects that you taught, or did you just teach everything?

Inf: We had to teach everything [FW: Mm-hmm]. All the common studies, you know, not the high school study.

FW: Okay. You have a number of hobbies: sewing, uh, flower gardening and dancing. Could you tell me something about these hobbies? What it is you liked about them? How you went about them? What you did?

Inf: Well, as I was growing up, I uh, knew nothing about sewing. My mother was so busy with other duties that she didn???t have time to teach us. And she didn???t like to sew. But my oldest sister was quite a nice needlewoman. And I didn???t, I never did any dressmaking to amount to anything, but I could make other garments. And uh, she also taught me to embroider. And that was one of my hobbies.

FW: The fancywork.

Inf: I loved fancywork. And I did a great deal of it. I uh, was efficient enough to make housedresses, but that was all. And I could make slips and??? Then when uh my children were born, I did sew for them [FW: Mm-hmm]. We couldn???t go into a store and buy an outfit. You made your children???s clothes. Made all the baby clothes and, and as they grew older, until they grew to a pretty good age, I did make their clothing.

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