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The speaker is a 35-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Long Bottom, Ohio; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Meigs
State: OH

Long Bottom is a small, unincorporated community situated on the Ohio River at the West Virginia border, 65 miles north of Charleston. It is an agricultural area that cultivates crops such as corn, soybeans, and tomatoes. In this segment the speaker talks about winning a hula-hoop contest and hearing her voice on the radio for the first time.
Inf: And they had this contest. They gave a four-line clue every day. And the one with the earliest postmark, you had to send in a postcard, letters wasn???t accepted. And uh, you sent in the title of the song which you thought it was. And on the third clue, the contest started on Friday, and s-, this day, on Friday, I wasn???t at home. I went to town, Sue and me, and Sue entered a hula-hoop contest, in which they was giving away a stereo phonograph. And whoever twirled a hula-hoop the longest got the stereo. And uh, she twirled it four hours. And I was a nervous wreck. I was standing on the sidelines and she hadn???t eaten, ???cause she couldn???t eat, you know, and twirl a hula-hoop. So I went up, over to her and I said uh, ???Sue, don???t you think you should try to drink something???? And this one lady, she told, told her that she should get a, a glass of hot chocolate, or you know, something that she could sip through a straw. So the chocolate was hot, and when the first sip, the hula-hoop dropped [FW: Oh, no]. And she was so disappointed. She didn???t even come in a runner-up [FW: Oh].

And uh, so this was the day that the first clue to the record pla-, you know, to this contest, was given. So on Saturday, they gave the first and second clue. And I said on Saturday, ???Mom, that sounds like that record of Frank Sinatra???s.??? It-, they didn???t play the rec-, recording, they just gave clues, you see. It was a group. And there was one of the group that was very famous. But th-, the clues rhymed. I have ???em at home. And uh, so on Sunday I said, ???You know, I???m positive that???s that Sinatra record.??? She said, ???Well, why don???t you send it in???? I said, ???What???s, the contest???s been going three days now.???

So Monday???there???s no mail on Sunday???I couldn???t go to the post office. So Monday I send out the postcard. Tuesday and Wednesday I???m not sure. There???s another record I think maybe is it. So I send in two more postcards. But the first card that I sent was the right one, had the earliest postmark. And eleven days later, they announced that I won. I didn???t have a phone number, but they would like for me to get in contact with ???em. So I go to a friend???s house and call them. They want me to come down the following day and pick up the prizes, and they took pictures [FW: Oh?]. And they give me a fifteen-minute interview.

FW: [Laughter] And that was when you heard yourself.

Inf: Yeah, the following day [FW: Oh]. It was, it was really exciting.

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