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The speaker is a 53-year-old White man with an unknown education from Jordan Valley, Oregon; he was recorded in 1967.

County: Malheur
State: OR

The two square miles that make up Jordan Valley were first settled by miners and ranchers in the 1860s. From the 1890s through the First World War, Basque immigrants came to the area from Spain to herd sheep. Incorporated in 1911, the city has a present-day population of 181 and still serves as an economic and cultural center for the ranching and sheepherding families living on homesteads in the surrounding area. In this segment the speaker shares humorous memories about early automobiles.
Inf: I remember during about a first, uh, first time I remembered, first car I remember looked like, uh, one of these outhouses. It was square, black Ford, you???d remember? It, uh [Aux Inf: Uh-huh], I just [Laughter], uh, uh, b-, um, banker here, _____, owned it, you know.

FW: Well, that???s a change [Inf: Uh-]. There was a bank here. There isn???t a bank here now.

Inf: No, there???s a change here now. No, it???s gone. No, but that???s the first car I remember. Uh, and then in 1914, my dad bought a 1914 Studebaker, touring car. Heh. There was a neighbor of ours, old _____ [Laughter], he-, he-, he had one of these, uh, he had a 1918 Studebaker, uh, and he had it in the garage over there. He thought he had it in reverse and he had it in low gear and he stepped on the gas and he went clear through the barn and out, uh, through the fence and hit a [Laughter] great big old juniper post and he stopped, madder than hell. Yeah, and I laughed at him.

Another time I was going down the road here. We were down a little shearing (corrals) and, a little _____. And you know those old Bascos [=Basques], they never, whenever they changed the car, they stepped on the clutch and they shoved it, a gear shift ahead, up, down, whichever way it went, and boy they pushed it, too. It had to go someplace. Either that or the handle???d break off. [Laughter] And we went through a crick over here instead of shoving it in second, you know, and the old Dodge, where second is now used to be reverse. And he hit reverse, we just shot right back into the empty [Laughter] (xx). God, you shoulda been there. My old dad just (got), ???Look out, look out, look out!??? He rolled ???cross the ground. [Laughter] Oh, God. I???ll never forget that. [Laughter]

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