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The speaker is a 66-year-old White man with a grade school education from Fairview, Oklahoma; he was recorded in 1966.

County: Major
State: OK

Fairview, the county seat of Major County, is a rural community in northern Oklahoma. Its location, a plain between the Cimarron River Valley and the Glass Mountains, is well suited for farming, and the economic base of the town is agricultural. In this segment the speaker talks about changes in threshing practices over the years.
Inf: Well, we first came here, we just plowed the ground, go out and sow broadcasts, and harrow it under. And we???d just take and go out with a, oh, we had what they call a mowing scythe [pronc: size], and we???d mow it down and, and take a pitchfork and rake it up and shock it. And haul it in, shock it up, and, for feed you know, like for the chickens, just let them scratch it out. And then later on when they got the thresh machine, well we had binders and would bind it, hauled it into the machines, take a team and wagon, load it up, haul it in, take uh, have, have two fellows to cut bands on that, one on each side, and a man to feed the machine. And these two boys is, cut these bands is, on the bottles and slide it over and this fella???d thresh it, or th-, put it in the machine, thresh it. Man behind would carry the straw away and fella on the side scoop it outta the box, scoop the grain outta the box up into a wagon. And it was driven by horsepower. Horsepower took sixteen head of horses on a horsepower, and the tumbling rod run from the horsepower up to the thresh machine, turned the cylinder, turned the whole machine then that was, the whole machine was run off a belt on the other side with my cylinder. And that???s the way they first started out threshing. And later on, of course, we got the steam engine and used it for belt power then, that thresh machine. Then later on why they invented what they call a web stacker. And they didn???t have to have a man to carry the straw away from the back end of the machine. The straw would go up this web stacker, there???s a web on the, the stacker and it carried the straw up and dumped it out away from the machine.

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