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The speaker is a 57-year-old White man with a high school education from Williamsport, Pennsylvania; he was recorded in 1969.

County: Lycoming
State: PA

Williamsport is a city in north central Pennsylvania known as the home of Little League Baseball, which started with a three-team league in 1939. The state has a long history with the sport, from accounts of ball games at Valley Forge in 1778 to notable teams from Allentown in the late 1800s to the Phillies??? 2008 World Series title. The sport of softball, which uses a smaller diamond and a larger ball than baseball, is the topic of this segment.
Inf: Well, first of all, it???s not a league, it???s an association. I???m the financial secretary. And I kinda got uh, shanghaied into this organization a few years back when, in the office we had a team, a post office team representing the office, and uh they were mm, quite accomplished. And uh, they felt that if, in the organization, that uh, maintained this ball field where they played, they had somebody in there, they???d uh have somebody looking for their, out for their interest. So uh, I made application to the association. And it???s the Williamsport Area Softball Boosters Association Incorporated. Uh, we call ourself WASBA. They were formed back in 1947 with about a half a dozen men. And they were formed with the idea to provide entertainment and softball and recreation for the young adults. They made plans to set up and have a lighted softball fien-, field and maintain it for anybody to play on, any league. In about uh fifty-three, they were successful in erecting the first lighting system on the field, the old Sweet Steel Field up in Newberry. And then uh, they were fairly successful all the way along. And that field became the home field of the city league, softball. Uh, they???re the oldest league known in Pennsylvania as an organized softball.

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