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The speaker is a 76-year-old White man with a high school education from Mount Vernon, Ohio; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Knox
State: OH

The county seat of Knox County, Mount Vernon is about 50 miles northeast of Columbus and has a current population of just under 17,000. The city was founded in 1805 and named after George Washington???s plantation. In the early 1800s, John Chapman, otherwise known as Johnny Appleseed, lived in and roamed around Ohio; he owned two lots in Mount Vernon. In this segment the speaker talks about the city???s efforts to recruit doctors and why Mount Vernon is an attractive place to live.
FW: What, um, how successful was your, uh, search to find doctors for the community?

Inf: Well, we secured names of possible prospects from various sources. Um, doctors themselves and, uh, had lists of doctors that might be available and, um, uh, well, just some people of the town of, uh, who knew of some doctor have, uh, given us names. So we???ve set out, I sup-, I suppose we???ve mailed at least a dozen, probably fifteen, letters and, uh, mentioning in the letters that we were working with the local medical society, and that, uh, we were a committee of the Chamber of Commerce, and that there was a, a real need for more doctors in the community, and inviting them to come to Mount Vernon and look the city over, with the hope, on our part, that if they did, after we showed ???em around the city, and, uh, and the advantages of Mount Vernon, with its, uh, good schools and churches and, uh, a fine new YMCA, and, uh, with the new college that???s coming to town, the Nazarene College, the vocational school and the high school, well it-, in the process of being constructed now, all in one complex, uh, adjoining each another. Then in addition the fact that Kenyon College is, uh, about organizing a women???s college over there, and they are soon to start on, uh, construction of some buildings, for a w-, uh, for a, a, for a, a college for women.

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