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The speaker is a 75-year-old White man with a grade school education from Berlin, Ohio; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Holmes
State: OH

Berlin is a small village in central Ohio, about 90 miles northeast of Columbus. Settled in the early 1800s by Germans, the rural, agricultural area has a large population of Amish and Mennonite people who farm in addition to making and selling furniture and quilts, which are popular purchases for tourists. In this segment the speaker talks about making different varieties of cheese.
FW: How do they know what kind of cheese they???re gon-, how do they know that they???re gonna make Swiss cheese when they just put rennet in with the milk? How do they know it???s gonna come out Swiss cheese instead of cheddar or something?

Inf: Well because eh, it???s a different method. They use a different method in making Swiss cheese than they do in, in Longhorn or, or uh, eh Colby, Colbley [sic] cheese like they do here in the Bunker Hill. Uh, that???s l-, something similar to Longhorn, you know. And uh, but uh, then they, they run the milk through a, through a, it???s a separator, but it???s a clar-, a clarifying bowl, and it takes so much cream out, see. And if it, if your milk isn???t so uh, so rich, you know, it???s a law uh, that uh the law requires that your cheese has to, uh, carry so much fat, see. So you dassn???t take too much cream out. But you can take some out if it???s, if your milk is uh, more than three five but otherwise you???d have to add cream to it. And then uh, they have a different method than making cheese altogether. They don???t use these uh, round hoops you know, uh, anymore and put uh, a hundred and eighty to two hundred pounds uh, of curd in there you know, to make cheese, Swiss cheese. That???s about what, what we call a wheel. A wheel, one wheel of cheese you know, weighs around a hundred and eighty to two hundred pounds. And these other wheels, uh, these other cheese you know, you talked about, weigh only around ten, fif-, ten, twelve pounds, you know [FW: Mm]. That???s the difference.

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