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The speaker is a 53-year-old White woman with a high school education from Gallipolis, Ohio; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Gallia
State: OH

The county seat of Gallia County, Gallipolis lies on the Ohio River at the border with West Virginia, 100 miles southeast of Columbus. Established by French immigrants in the late eighteenth century, the town has a current population of around 3,600 residents. In this segment the speaker talks about illegal liquor distilleries that were in operation during Prohibition.
FW: You said that the, uh, Methodists are against drinking. Is there, um, is there any illegal liquor made around here?

Inf: There used t-, b-, far as I know there still is. Uh, out here in the hills, you never have hills without a still here or there. As far as I know there still is. I know there used to be, um, back on these side roads. Maybe they???ve quit, and, uh, re-, well now I imagine you uh, still could find it if you knew where to look. But most of those are pretty old, slick ones that-, he-, no one finds out about it unless, they, uh, usually have someone they make it for, a group [FW: Oh] that??? FW: That???s what I was wondering, is how they???d get rid of it if nobody knew about it.

Inf: Well, they have their own crowd in other words [FW: Mm]. But just anybody doesn???t know about it. An-, but of course it may be at the point now that there isn???t much of that made anymore. But I, I can remember when they???d talk about it. Every once in a while there???d be a raid, oh, yeah, you???d read about a raid every once in a while, so there must be a certain amount. I don???t think there???s so much home brew as there was back??? I can just about remember that, uh, was, I was, must???ve been in my late teens when they were still??? I remember ???em uh, raiding, eh, different ones that made it. Every once in a while you hear of someone being arrested.

FW: Was there ever anybody you knew? (xx)

Inf: Well, yes, [FW: ( xx)] that???s what I mean. It was around the neighbors, uh, out in the country. Of course I haven???t lived out in the country for a long, long time. Back since nineteen and thirty-five, which puts it over thirty-some-odd years.

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