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The speaker is a 45-year-old White woman with a high school education from Cambridge, Nebraska; she was recorded in 1967.


County: Furnas
State: NE

Located in the northeast corner of the state next to the Kansas border, Cambridge remains a tiny town whose population hovers around 100. The area's main industries are grain and livestock. In this segment, the speaker tells of a flood that occurred when she was young, likely caused by the nearby Republican River.
Inf: It was on June twenty-second and um, my folks had been planning on going to um, on a fishing trip. Was Sunday morning [FW: Mm-hmm]. And uh, it's been quite a while ago. I've almost forgotten part of it, or tried to forget part of it. Um, I woke up in the morning, on Sunday morning, and thought they had gone, and when I uh, wakened, the water was coming through the window of the house. And my bedroom???

FW: Was this in town here?

Inf: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Us, our house was um, two blocks north of here, then. We lived right on the creek bank. And I looked, raised up a little bit and looked out the window and our neighbor's car was coming at, straight for the, my window. And of course I thought my folks were gone, so???

FW: The car was coming toward you?

Inf: Uh-huh, just floating, crossing the water [FW: Oh]. Water was coming through the window. I had, one of my windows was open. I suppose about six inches. And I had a new dog, a black Labrador named Dinah. And she was about six months old. She was just barking her head off. And I think that of course is what wakened me. Otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have wakened.

And I looked out the window and saw her on, she had always, even being a black Labrador, refused to swim [FW: Hmm]. And she was up on top of her doghouse, just barking and looking towards the house. So I opened the screen and was going to coax her over to the house. And when I opened the screen and leaned out, I saw that my folks' car was still in the garage. So I yelled at the folks and ask 'em if they were here. I didn't hear them say anything and so I yelled again and I said, ???You better wake up. The water's here.??? And uh, Mom said, ???What'd she say???? And Dad says, ???She said, 'The water's here.' But I think she's having a nightmare. Just go on back to sleep.??? Mom said, ???Well that's kinda funny.??? So when Mom stood up, she stood right up into the water, too.

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