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The speaker is a 71-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Hickman, Kentucky; she was recorded in 1970.

County: Fulton
State: KY

Hickman is a historic town in the southwestern part of Kentucky. Because of its location on the Mississippi River, the town became a shipping point for products related to the local economy???s agricultural base. Due to the favorable climate, many farmers in the area also kept bees. In this segment the speaker talks about beekeeping.
Inf: I used to uh, uh, used to go out and hive the bees when I???d, we???d, uh, hear big swarm coming, why I???d run out and ring my bell and throw rocks and, uh, and sand up into the swarm, you know. But, and they???d go to s-, kind of stopping [Aux Inf: They swarm too] and almost settle right at me, you know [Aux Inf: (uhuh, uhuh)]. Well, I began to look, and, uh, maybe they???d be settling right on a little limb, right over my head. And, ???course then I???d try to have something over my face and I???d keep ringing my bell and they???ll all follow their queen. You know there???s a queen of the bees [FW: Uh-huh]. And wherever she stops, they all pile on top of her and make a large uh, well a bee [Aux Inf: Oh, yeah, a bees, yeah]. Yeah, just a big [Aux Inf: They make a big pile] cone of bees, you know [FW: Uh-huh].

And then, uh, I???ll go then and get busy and get my old bee cap and my bee gloves and an old jumper on, and uh, and get me a new bee gum, and go and place it right under the, as close to the bees as I can. Sometime we have to drive a truck or wagon up under it. Maybe I can???t reach it, you know [FW: Mm-hmm]. And then I leave sometime, get my stepladder. Take my bee gum, set it on top of the stepladder, and I???ll get up there and take me a club, like, and I???m all ready, you know, so they won???t, if they fall all over me, why, they won???t sting me [Aux Inf: Laughter]. I???ll hit the limb, and down they???ll come, right on top the gum, and then I???ll take my, uh [Aux Inf: (oh, something xx)] something, and go to knocking on it and they go into a sound, you know. They just [FW: Mm-hmm] go rolling in. Well [FW: Mm-hmm], I know the queen has gone in, so I???ve got ???em [FW: Mm-hmm]. And uh, but one time, I had a whole swarm to lan-, to settle on my bee cap, all over my face. Well, I just sit real still, and uh, when they all got kinda settled, why, then I just tucked my head over and give it a shake, and all fell off, and she went in, and they all followed.

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