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The speaker is a 63-year-old White woman with a college education from Columbus, Ohio; she was recorded in 1970.

County: Franklin
State: OH

Columbus is the state capital and the county seat of Franklin County, with a current population of over 790,000 residents. The economy of the city is based on education, insurance, and technology. Ohio State University and several small private colleges are based in Columbus, in addition to the Ohio State School for the Blind and the Ohio School for the Deaf. In this segment the speaker talks about childhood events, such as getting electricity in the family home and going to school.
Inf: Hard to pick out from uh, the past, things that might seem interesting to you. I do uh, remember that the house where I was born did not have electricity at that time. I was born in nineteen-six in, on the longest day of the year, summer of nineteen-six. And it was several years after that, that we decided, my parents did, rather, that we would have electricity in the house. And I remember when the men came to put in electric wires, and that was a big day.

I went to kindergarten when I was four. Probably it was a private kindergarten because they didn???t have them in the schools in those days. And uh, my grandfather was ill at home, and I think my mother thought it better that I not be in the house all day long when there was an ill person. So uh, I remember Miss _____ came after me the first year. And I had my little basket with my lunch in it, and a little towel over it. ???Course they didn???t have paper towels in those days; it was a linen towel, to cover the basket. And I would trot off to kindergarten with her. But when I was five I had to go by myself. And it was about three blocks north of the house, and I remem-, -member two things that I remember vividly. One was the bed of forget-me-nots that was at the side of the house. And the other that, on the way home, I fell down and hit my forehead. And one of the boys, whose name was _____, picked me up. And I???ve somehow, I always remember that it was, that Billy picked me up. And many years later when I saw that, in the paper, that he???d had a tragic death, I sent a note to his parents to tell ???em that it was Billy who picked me up when I fell down. I thought it might be sort of comforting to the parents to, to know that.

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