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The speaker is a 66-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Hopwood, Pennsylvania; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Fayette
State: PA

Hopwood is in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania in Fayette County, with a present-day population around 2,000. It was founded in 1791 by John Hopwood, a civil servant who left Virginia at the end of the American Revolutionary War. The area is known for mining and for producing coke, a solid carbon byproduct of coal that is used in steel production. In this segment the speaker talks about losing something important while on a family vacation.
Inf: _____ and her family and my husband and _____ and I, and a large group of friends, went to Cape May, New Jersey. Of course that???s on the Atlantic seashore [FW: Mm-hmm]. Took me in the water. One held one-, _____ held one hand, and _____, a friend of mine, held my other hand. The first wave that hit me, I jumped. The second wave that hit me, I jumped and went ???Whoo??? and blew at the same time, and my uppers went this way down in the ocean. I w-, first day of a week???s vacation, and me with no upper dentures.

FW: You mean you lost ???em, then?

Inf: I lost ???em in the ocean. I spit ???em. I fed ???em to the f-, fish.

FW: You couldn???t find ???em?

Inf: No, I never did [FW: Oh, that???s (xx)]. One, one family came back on Sunday. They had just gone for S-, Sunday [FW: Mm-hmm]. They came back and they told the man who made my teeth what had happened. He said, ???You tell _____ when she gets back, to contact me immediately. She won???t be long without them.??? I called him Sunday night. He says, ???Come over Monday morning.??? Monday at five thirty I had my teeth. New dentures, both.

FW: That???s really good.

Inf: But I, I had a lot of fun. It took a lot of guts, so to speak, to have a good time in a bunch o-, a-, among a bunch of strangers, some of them [FW: (xx) with no teeth]. And when I had to eat meat loaf an??? ice cream and soup, everything soft because I had nothing to chew with.

FW: Stuff that you could gum to death, huh?

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