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The speaker is a 74-year-old White man with a grade school education from Union City, Pennsylvania; he was recorded in 1970.

County: Erie
State: PA

Despite its location in an agricultural area of Pennsylvania, Union City was an industrial town from early on, with an oil refinery that opened in 1862 and factories, plants, and mills that continue to operate today. The current population of the town is around 3,000 people. This speaker discusses his fondness for a historical figure and reviews his family???s military involvement in various wars, both on and off U.S. soil.
Inf: Abraham Lincoln was a tragic figure. You know, they were building, uh, industry, there???s very few colored people in the North, see, they???re all in the South, they???d been brought over here for the cotton peel [FW: Mm-hmm]. In order for him to get his second election, he had, uh, cotton, he was a good honest man, my giant, Abraham Lincoln was, but he had to play politics, uh with the big, with the big boys, and they paid, paid him, uh, in return, he gets the niggers free, so they could get ???em up here, Emancipation, they could get ???em up here to work for ten cents a day, in big industry, you see what I mean? [FW: Mm-hmm] That???s the true story of it. Now, my gr-, my grandfather was right on the Washington, he was in the Civil War, eh, my, he, here???s my war, my family???s war record. I???v-, I???ve got it, it???s all authentic right here. The Pequot War in 1678 [sic], and my gr-, Ab-, Abraham, gentleman, 1777, and Abraham, my, my grandfather, w-, uh War of 1812 and my own, my own grandfather, my great-grandfather my gr-, my grandfather was in sixteen-one to sixteen-four [sic] in the Civil War, and I was in the World War, First World War seventeen to nineteen and then I was in the, the Second World War, here, uh 1941 to 45.

FW: What???s that say under the picture of Uncle Sam?

Inf: That???s, that???s that???s your Uncle Sam. Old Uncle Sam himself, he wants to know what kind of a man are you. Are you a man or a mouse or a long-tailed rat, you gotta be one of the three, see [FW: Mm-hmm]. That???s right. That???s, that???s one of my sayings, that, you???ve been wondering about saying, I alway-, that???s what I always say. There???s three kinds of animals, you know, a man is, he???s either a man or a mouse or a long-tailed rat. Th- [FW: Mm-hmm], the trouble with the United States right today, we???ve got too damn many mice, and long-tailed rats. Haven???t got any men that???ll stand up and knock the p-, hell out of some of these birds that???s trying to cut our country down.

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