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The speaker is a 34-year-old White man with a college education from Ridgway, Pennsylvania; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Elk
State: PA

The county seat of Elk County, Pennsylvania, Ridgway has a current population just over 4,000. Elk County was founded on a tract of land purchased in the early 1800s by Jacob Ridgway, a prominent Philadelphia merchant for whom Ridgway was named. After being convinced by one of his nephews that the area could develop into a lucrative lumber camp, given its heavy forests and location on both a creek and a river, Jacob Ridgway recruited help from a business associate, lumber baron Ralph Hindo. At the height of the lumber industry, near the turn of the twentieth century, the town claimed to have more millionaires per capita than any other U.S. city. In this segment the speaker talks about being a teacher, his students, and how he handles discipline problems when they arise.
Inf: Well, I am going to have thirty-six of them this year, and they vary from a high IQ to a very low IQ. None of them are, are really bad, a lot of them could be better than they are. Most of them won???t do what they should. But it???s going to be a good year, I hope.

FW: What about-, how about any discipline problems?

Inf: I don???t have any discipline problems. They usually are pretty good for me. They don???t act up. Once in a while they get out of hand, but after all, I think this is a normal boyhood tendency, and I don???t mind too much, as long as they don???t carry on continually.

FW: Would, uh, have you had problems in the past with any?

Inf: No. No, I had emotional children. And they gave me a lot of problems, but nothing you couldn???t handle. I don???t think. I mean [FW: coughs], I don???t know whether I handled it well, but at least I handled it.

FW: With, uh, do you send them, like, is the principal over you?

Inf: Yes. But actually, all she does is, she doesn???t supervise and she never comes down, and you don???t h-, if you have any problems, you can send a kid up if you want to, but I like to, I would rather prefer to handle the problems in my own room in my own way. ???Cause it, it???s like a father, you know, if he says, ???Well, I-,??? or rather the mother. If she says, ???Oh, wait till your father comes home, he???s going to give you a spanking,??? why, you think, she defeats her own purpose. You have to catch the kid doing it and then when he???s doing it, correct him, and then forget about it.

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