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The speaker is an approximately 70- to 75-year-old White man with a grade school education from Jaffrey, New Hampshire; he was recorded in 1966.

County: Cheshire
State: NH

Incorporated in 1773, Jaffrey was named after George Jaffrey, a member of a prominent Portsmouth family. The town sits along the Contoocook River at the base of Mount Monadnock, and the beauty of this area has attracted hikers and other tourists since the mid-1800s. Jaffrey???s present-day population is about 2,700. In this segment the speaker recounts the history of the town???s cathedral.
Inf: That used to be the f-, the _____ farm. And then, Mr. and Mrs. _____ bought it about thirty years ago. And uh, one of their sons was killed in the war, in Italy, I believe. And then they-, the son was planning to build a house up there where the cathedral is. War was over. They decided to make that hilltop where the son was to build a, a memorial to him. And uh, then they started that, that uh cathedral. And uh, it???s, uh, grown to be a tremendous institution. They???ve had as many as forty thousand people there in one day. [Laughter] But that was, oh, must be ten years ago when that happened. But they average ten to fifteen thousand every week [FW: Was that on???] in July and August.

FW: Was that on an Easter or s-, some [Inf: Huh?], uh, was that on an Easter or some, uh, religious day that they had forty thousand people there?

Inf: That was a Catholic service [FW: Uh-huh]. Yes. And, uh [Laughter], they all couldn???t get there. Didn???t have a good road like they have now there, so they, they um, they uh, w-, bumper to bumper for two, three miles back on the main highways. And so they, we had a special act in the legislature to build that new road up there, from one nineteen right up to the cathedral. And so now they have no trouble with, with, um, traffic [FW: Uh-huh].

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