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The speaker is an 84-year-old White man with a college education from Oxford, Ohio; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Butler
State: OH

Oxford, a college town with a current population of around 21,000, is about 35 miles northwest of Cincinnati, near the Indiana border. The city is home to Miami University, which was authorized by an1809 legislative act and opened in 1824. In this segment the speaker talks about the integration of the town???s schools and his education.
Inf: I didn???t go to school until another youngster came along and while I went to school I started in the fourth grade. I did go to school, but I-, she had to let me go to school because sh-, with a new baby in the family, she couldn???t teach me.

FW: Well how???she took you out of school for a time?

Inf: I never went to school.

FW: Oh? Why was that?

Inf: Well as I told you, the year before I was ready to start to school, they integrated the, the schoolchildren here. That was in 1888. They built a new school here then. And they moved the pupils at the colored school in the north part of town into the new school building with the white children. And it caused all sorts of confusion here in town. A great number of the white parents wouldn???t let their children go to school with Negroes. And I was just saying that the Oxford people n-, wouldn???t know that now, and the, they would be so surprised to hear that in 1888 we were going through the same trouble in Oxford that they???re having down South now. [Coughing]

FW: And then you went to uh Miami University?

Inf: When I was twelve years old, I started in the Miami prep department. In three years prep, you did your four years of college work. They don???t have it anymore, of course, but nearly all colleges have preparatory departments then, to get ???em ready for college.

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