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The speaker is an 85-year-old White woman with a high school education from Bristol, Rhode Island; she was recorded in 1969.

County: Bristol
State: RI

Bristol is a deepwater seaport on the coast of Rhode Island; it was named for Bristol, England. Its economy is driven by marine industries (such as boatbuilding), manufacturing, and tourism. The town has a present-day population of almost 23,000, and its harbor is home to over 800 boat moorings. In this segment the speaker explains how to trace someone???s genealogy.
FW: What do you do?

Inf: What do I do with genealogy here?

FW: Uh-huh. Say Leslie and I asked you to find out my genealogy.

Inf: Well, I have to go to the town clerk???s office [FW: Yeah], look up, uh, death records, marriage records, and, uh, birth records [FW: Mm-hmm]. Also any town records. Deeds, and so forth. Then, try to think what [Laughter] they???re called. As they go down, I, uh, take all the material home. Then I begin to connect the different families. For instance, I would take your father and mother, see who were their father and mother, put their birth and death and marriage down, then your grandfather, grandma, and so on, and see how far back you can take it.

FW: Do you stay just in this town, or do you go to, anyplace you have to???

Inf: I go anywhere.

FW: Anywhere you have to. Wow. That must be a???

Inf: Anywhere, um, within my-, uh, I could go anywhere, but I???m not able to [FW: Right] travel s-, at a great distance, but I take this area. So???

FW: Are many people interested in finding out?

Inf: Well, there???s nearly a hundred, over a hundred different people that I have found their ancestors.

FW: Do you take them as far back as England if they go to E-, from, fr-, if they come from England, or do you???

Inf: Not be-, or not beyond the United States [FW: Mm-hmm]. I take ???em when they first come here [FW: Oh]. And then up to the present time.

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