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The speaker is a 76-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Allegheny
State: PA

Although Pittsburgh is known for steel production, it also has a long history of beer brewing. In1861, Edward Frauenheim, a German immigrant, partnered with several others to create Frauenheim, Miller & Company, a small brewery that made Iron City Beer, one of the first lagers brewed in the United States. At the time of the recording, there were as many as twelve breweries in the Pittsburgh area. Among them was the Fort Pitt Brewing Company, which the speaker references; it produced Fort Pitt Beer, one of the most popular brands in the Pittsburgh market. The speaker also talks about her son and his job at a brewery and discusses the loss of her grandchild.
FW: What???s Tommy do? You said your son, he (xx)???

Inf: He has a nice job at the brewery. He uh w-, works up in the top. He um, him and _____ sit up there. And if any of the machinery goes wrong, there???s buttons they push. So then they push this button and everything stops. He had a nice job down there. And they go-, eh, make good money, but every, seems every August they go on a s-, they you know g-, want more money, now that they want what the Fort Pitt???s giving. So I don???t know what the Fort Pitt???s paying. So he???s hoping they don???t go on strike. ???Course if they do, why [FW: Mm-hmm]. ???Course I???d never see him want for anything [FW: Mm-hmm]. He could uh, come here and even stay with me. I wouldn???t [FW: Fort-], I get along with him good, but???

FW: Forty-nine, you said?

Inf: What???d you say?

FW: You said he was forty-nine?

Inf: Forty-nine.

FW: Does he have kids of his own?

Inf: He???ll be fifty the twenty-fifth of next January.

FW: How many kids does he have of his own?

Inf: He just has the one little boy. He had a little girl and she died.

FW: Oh, really?

Inf: She took sick on a uh, she was to come here on a Saturday morning, and he called me up and told me that, uh, she was sick, that eh, she wouldn???t be in. And I wanted to go out and he said, ???No, there???s no, you should come, and I???ll, she???ll b-.??? It was in the winter. And I called him at three o???clock an??? I s-, ???Oh, Tommy, I want you to come and get me.??? And he wouldn???t get me. So then at eleven o???clock at night he c-, told me, ???Don???t worry. She???ll be all right.??? And in the morning at eight o???clock, he called me up and told me she was dead. I almost died.

FW: How old?

Inf: She was thirteen [FW: Geez]. And boy that did something to him, too. So, we just???

FW: What was wrong with her?

Inf: What???d you???

FW: What???d she have?

Inf: Oh, they didn???t know. They held an autopsy and all. And Dr. _____ was gonna find out what was wrong, but he didn???t. I guess he found out, but he didn???t want to tell him so I don???t know to this day.

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