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  • DARE
  • ILPP (Indigenous Languages Preservation and Promotion)
  • IDEA (International Dialects of English Archive), the world's largest online archive of accents and dialects of the English language
  • MKI
  • Folklore
  • Mills Music Library
  • Wisconsin Englishes
  • Linguistic Atlas of Kansas German Dialects
    Seeks to collect, preserve and analyze German-American dialects spoken in the state of Kansas and the Midwestern United States. The project makes recordings of these dialects available via the World Wide Web and continues to acquire new dialect samples.
  • Texas German Dialect Project Seeks to preserve a unique German dialect that has been spoken across central Texas for more than 150 years. Dialect database allows users to listen to portions of digitized audio interviews. Includes transcripts and translations.
  • Die Welt snackt Platt
    Low German resources from Norddeutscher Rundfunk .


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Last Updated: December 14, 2015