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English Dialects of the United States

Available States

Welcome to the American Languages pages devoted to English dialects spoken in the United States. Featured on these pages are clips of various forms of regional English drawn from interviews conducted by fieldworkers for the Dictionary of American Regional English . Each clip is accompanied by a transcription, as well as brief comments on content. The first sound clips are from Wisconsin and other Midwestern states; new sound clips will be added to these pages, with the eventual goal of presenting examples from all 50 states.

The sound clips will soon be complemented by short interpretive essays on a variety of topics relating to regional variation in American English. At this point, we include links to a number of Web sites of interest.

American Dialect Links (Evolution Publishing)

American English (Wikipedia)

American Languages: Our Nation's Many Voices (Searchable digital collection)

Atlas of North American English (Linguistics Laboratory, University of Pennnsylvania)

Do You Speak American? (Public Broadcasting Service)

International Dialects of English Archive (University of Kansas)

Linguistic Atlas Projects (University of Georgia)

Wisconsin Englishes Project (University of Wisconsin)

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Last Updated: April 1, 2015