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Emma's Home Stay at the Yang's

I was the only one in the whole class who stayed at a Hmong house for one night. It was so fun. I had sticky rice and chicken for dinner and breakfast. The house was a one-floor, three-bedroom house. It was perfect! I loved staying there. It was home sweet home.

They had seven kids. Pafoua and Lee were two of them. The mom worked at Kolby and Koby and the dad at the Hmong Association. I think the mom and dad married at age thirteen.

I really liked the decorations. There were fans and pretty fake flowers. Down in the basement, there was a music studio with a keyboard and boom box. The kitchen had a buffet table where you could get food. The living room had three comfy couches and pictures of Hmong culture.

I really liked it that they let us stay with them. I had good luck and a fun time.