The Lefse and Tortilla Show

The Lefse and Tortilla Show

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Since 1994, award-winning writer-producer Dan Banda has been working
on a trilogy of documentaries about Mexican-American immigration to
the Upper Midwest.

Mountain's Mist and Mexico (PBS 1996), the first documentary in
the trilogy, tells the story of Banda's grandfather's immigration to Wisconsin
as a way to discuss such issues as immigration, multilingualism, assimilation,
class structure, and racial prejudice.

Indigenous Always (PBS 2000), examines the legend of La Malinche,
the Indian woman who served as Cortes' translator and bore his son. La Malinche
has been a symbol of both cultural destruction and creation.

Completing the trilogy, Redlining continues the themes of the previous
two programs and explores how things have changed and stayed the same. Redlining focuses
on contemporary immigration and racial labeling, to explore issues of ethnicity
within both Milwaukee and Mexico.

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In this segment from Redlining, "The Lefse and Tortilla Show," Dan
Banda interviews two women-one of Norwegian heritage, and one of Mexican
heritage-in search of cultural similarities and differences. (Banda himself
is of Norwegian and Mexican heritage.)

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