Course Materials

Course Materials


Examples of Past Semester Projects

  • Adam Fields - Food-a-Rama
    Adam Fields details the traditions and operation of the local
    Food-A-Rama celebration at a local Jewish Synagogue.

  • This student, Julie Hoel, created a video about her grandfather and his
    friends, all from southern Wisconsin, who regularly play Sheepshead in
    their retirement in Sun City, Arizona.
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  • Farmer's Market
    This paper, by Julie Moskal, offers description and images of the Dane
    County Farmer's Market.

  • Casper Family Hunting Tradition
    Allison Casper outlines the traditions and describes the events of her family's
    annual hunting experience in her paper, using primary and secondary sources.

  • Religious Folklore
    Joshua Steiner uses a variety of sources and experience to explore how religion
    and everday life are connected with a particular Mexican-American family.

  • The Making
    of Lefse-Power Point

    Sabrina Henderson explores the tradition of making lefse in America. She
    made a Power Point presentation using images and interviews with lefse makers
    and consumers.

  • The Making of Lefse-Paper
    After completing her Power Point presentation, Sabrina realized she had more
    to say. In this paper, she continues to explore the tradition of making
    lefse in America, briefly comparing it to the current traditions in Norway.

  • The Trollway
    Leela Vaughn hit the streets of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin to discover the history
    and origins of the Mount Horeb Trollway. She compiled her findings and
    interviews into this twenty minute video

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