Chapter 38: The East in the North: Southeast Asian Music in Wisconsin

Ger Xiong dancing and playing the qeej at the
Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Photo:
MacKenzie, a student on the Hmong Cultural Tour in Eau Claire,

Yang on the Hmong language
| size 288 KB | time 0:36
Vue Yang of Sheboygan talks about the tonal nature of the Hmong language and
how it relates to music.

Yang on the qeej
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The many uses of the qeej, one of the most important musical instruments of
the Hmong, are described by Vue Yang.

Yang on dancing with the qeej
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Rick March comments on the importance of genealogoy in learning to play qeej.
This leads into remarks by Vue Yang on about dancing with the qeej and the
former practice of martial arts within qeej competitions.

| size 1002 KB | time 2:07
This clip is an example of qeej music played by Vue Yang .

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