Chapter 9: German-American Music in Wisconsin

   Brian Brueggen of the
Mississippi Valley Dutchmen playing concertina at the Red Barn
Polka Festival in Evansville, 1988. Photo: Jim Leary

Altenburg on Old-time Weddings
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Art Altenburg discusses how rural families would come together for a wedding,
keeping the ethnic traditions alive as described by Rick March.

Get So Soon Olt"
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"Ve Get So Soon Olt," a Scandinavian dialect song, is performed by
Sly Groeschl.

| size 563 KB | time 0:42
Rick March leads into this clip of Phil Brueggen of the
Mississippi Valley Dutchmen, his family's band, by remarking
on the role of musical families in Wisconsin.

size time 1:11
In an interview by Jim Leary, Ray Dorschner of the Rainbow Valley
Dutchmen talks about "Putzig Polka" and "Village Blacksmith Waltz" and
the role his hometown had as inspiraiton in the composition of
these tunes.

| size 478 KB | time 1:00
"Putzig Polka" by the Rainbow Valley Dutchmen

Anne "
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"Tante Anne" is performed by Jerry Schneider. This is an example of
German style polka from eastern Wisconsin.

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