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Marcus's Family Culture

Hi, my name is Marcus. I have a brother named Mitchell and a sister named Maia. My mom's name is Gloria and my dad's name is Dennis. I am going to tell you about our family's celebrations.

Usually on Easter my brother and m e go to church and we have an Easter egg hunt. My sister doesn't come because she says she is too old for little kiddy hunts. Every other year, Easter is on my mom's birthday. So on Easter everybody in the family says happy Easter but they also say happy birthday.

4th of July
On the Fourth of July, Maia, my mom, my dad, and I go down to Warner Park to see th firecrackers. We lay down and talk about good times. We always bring something to eat because it starts right when we eat dinner.

On the day before Halloween, my brother and I go and buy costumes. I usually am a pirate. On Halloween day after school my brother and I put our costumes on then we wait. At about 6:30 p.m., we start trick-or-treating. We know our mom and dad are following us so we don't care. When we come home, we have about two sleeping bags worth of candy.

On Thanksgiving eve, our family starts to cook our Thanksgiving dinner. They put the turkey in the slow cooker so it can be ready the next morning. When it is morning, my brother, my sister and I wake up really early in the morning with bright smile on our faces. We have a bright smile on our faces because we are thankful for everything that we have. We play games until 4 p.m. At 4 o'clock we eat. We have food like greens, macaroni, string beans, ham, black-eyed peas, and the main dish - turkey. For dessert, we have sweet potato pie and pecan pie. After we eat, we talk about good times and stuff we were grateful for.

On my brother's, my sister's, or my birthday, we always have a cake. But we never have a party. Our dad gives us $100 to do whatever we want with it. If we have a party, we will have to pay for it with our own money. It would probably take about fifty dollars, plus the gift baskets; that's another thirty dollars. There it is - we would have only $20 left. After we open all the presents, we sing happy birthday to whomever's birthday it is. Then we dig into the cake.

Every Christmas Eve my household makes Christmas cookies. We always end up making a mess. We make three each then eat them. After we get done eating our cookies, my mom and dad send us down stairs so they can wrap presents. In the morning, we wake up, run up stairs, and tear off the wrappings on our presents (this year they did not wrap the presents because all we do is just rear off the wrapping and throw it away; that's just wasting money). I think they should just put a cover over it if they don't want us to see it. Our family has Christmas dinner. We have mostly the same food we had on Thanksgiving. Our family comes over to my grandma's house, even our family from Minnesota.