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Jenny's Family

We always celebrate New Year inside the temple. We sit on the floor because we can pray. Some kids play outside. Cambodian people go there. Some American people go to the temple too. People say that if you don't pray then that means you are rude.

The person that leads the ceremony is the Buddha because the Buddha lives at the temple so he gets to lead it.

New Year ceremony at home
We put food out in the altar because the spirit and the Buddha's spirits can eat it. Every single New Year, you set the foods. We burn incense and we say something in our mind.

There's a picture of a Buddha by the altar. Buddha's always have to shave their had bald to become a Buddha. The Buddha always has to pray first because he's a Buddha.

Our family enjoys making games. I think people like my dad make games because they're kind of in charge of the games. And they are kind of like the Buddha's workers. People said that grown-up people have more games than their kids because the grown-ups have their own games and they have more than the little kids.

Every single New Year we have different games to play and it's much more fun. We have the rock game and different kinds of games First you need a cloth, on bag, and some rice. You tie the bag together. Then you make the games.

We sometimes play inside the temple. In the old temple we can't because there's some stuff that needs to bring to the other house. And the other one - that's where people cook so then we have to play outside.

I learn how to play from grandpa and different kinds of people.

Yes, it is fun to play the games but it's pretty hard if you don't know it. But its not confusing when you know it already. It's not so bad but when you know a little of it, it's fun. And our games aren't that hard to play. It's easy to play.

People say that Cambodian food is really special. The food tastes spice and I'm used to Cambodian food. I sometime get my food in my garden and at the store. We cook Cambodian food and Vietnamese food because my mom is mixed Vietnamese and Cambodian. I don't know how to cook Cambodian food but I know how to cook a little bit.

We have different kinds of food to eat. We don't eat the same food every day. I eat eggrolls and different kinds of food.

My family enjoys making toys. I usually make the toys out of yarn and wood. I get the wood from a tree. I use tools to make dolls and wooden toys. I make wood yous, yarn toys, houses, and stick toys, and plant toys. Yarn toys are really hard to make. And the other ones are easy to make. And it's fun making toys. Some people think it's hard to make them, but once you learn how to make more, it's easier and its much fun. I really like to make toys and different stuff.