Cultural Maps, Cultural Tours

Cultural Maps, Cultural Tours" is the center's first major project. CSUMC is creating a digital archive of materials documenting the traditional cultures and heritage of Wisconsin. The archive will have images, written information, audio recordings and video recordings of traditional music, foodways, folk art and other material culture from a variety of cultural groups. As part of this project, CSUMC and the Wisconsin Arts Board will be creating a network of educators, students, community residents and folklorists, across the state who want to document their local communities. Presentations developed by classes on local culture will be posted on CSUMC's server, as part of the "Cultural Maps, Cultural Tours" project.

Event Collections
Midwest Folklife Festival and Teacher's Institute
(Folklore Village, Dodgeville, WI)

Organizational Projects
Cheyenne Valley Heritage Road Tour

Student Projects
Dane County Cultural Tour (Randall School, Madison,WI)
Hmong Cultural Tour (Randall School, Madison, WI)
Park Street Cultural Tour (Randall School, Madison, WI)
Greenbush Cultural Tour (Randall School, Madison, WI)

Virtual Tours
Breaking Bread, Bridging Cultures: The Bread Traditions of Wisconsin
German - American Music: Wisconsin's Tradition
Heikki Lunta
Folk Music of Wisconsin
Ethnic Life on the South Shore

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