Joseph Salmons, Co-Director

Joseph Salmons is Professor of German and of Linguistics, and Director of the Max Kade Institute. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy (UNC-Charlotte, 1978) and a Ph.D. in Germanic linguistics (University of Texas at Austin, 1984). He serves as associate editor of the Journal of Germanic Linguistics and review editor of Diachronica , and on various editorial boards, and has just stepped down after two terms as president of the Society for Germanic Linguistics. His primary research tests theories of phonology and language change against historical and contemporary data, especially from Germanic languages. He also works on German dialects spoken in the United States , dealing with language contact and change, as well as language shift. In addition to a book in progress, Language Shift and Community Structure: How and why German speakers in Wisconsin have become monolingual English speakers , his recent publications include: "The Evolution of Bilingual Discourse Marking: Modal particles and English markers in 19th-century German-American dialects" with Emily Goss in the International Journal of Bilingualism . 4:4.469-494 (2000), "Glottal Spreading Bias in Germanic" with Gregory K. Iverson in Linguistische Berichte 178:135-151 (1999), and Nostratic: Sifting the Evidence . Amsterdam : Benjamins, co-edited by Brian D. Joseph (Benjamins, 1998).

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